ShivTech Marine Control Systems And Services Pvt Ltd. 

Spares & Supplies

We are the exclusive spares, parts & calibration agents for Deckma Hamburg and Brannstrom Sweden AB, providing the most economical rates globally, the most feasible and appropriate solutions for any of your needs. We are also genuine parts sales partners of Draeger in India, providing the best prices of genuine parts in the industry. We take pride in our service as dealers of genuine parts to ensure the highest efficiency and safety of not just the end user, but our environment and waters as well. We specialise in dealing with the following Spares & Supplies.   

1. 15 ppm Bilge Alarms of M/s DECKMA HAMBURG, M/s Brannstromms Sweden.

2. MSA Gas detections instruments and spares and personal safety equipment, SCBA sets.

3. Process Components – Controllers.

4. OPTEC / Brannstrom Sweden AB – ODME, 15ppm Monitors.

5. Air - Filters / Regulators / Air Treatment spares.

6. Aux. Eng. Safety Monitoring and Control systems, Annunciator and Alarm / control Panels.

7. Auto Steering Alarms – as per USCG requirements (Indigenous).

8. Batteries - Maintenance free / Ni-Cd , etc.

9. Boiler Sensors / Controllers etc.,(Make : Satronic , Landis & Gyr, Monarch, etc.)

10. Boiler control systems and safety Monitoring systems.

11. Brake pads for winches and cranes, including disc types.

12. Calibration gases – in cylinders and portable cans, MSA gas detection instruments.

13. Connectors – wide range , including MIL Grade.

14. Contactors, Electrical switch gears.

15. Cables – Instrumentation, for PT100s / Thermocouples /Process Control applications, etc.

16. Digital Temperature Scanners / Indicators / Controllers / Monitors with all accessories in package form .

17. Electronic components and accessories.

18. Expansion valves

19. Flame proof fittings, junction boxes etc.

20. GMDSS Equipment – voltage monitor / alarm unit (Indigenous).


21. Gas (toxic) detection tubes.

22. Gas Detection Instruments – MSA CGI / Tankscope / Oxygen Monitors.

23. Heating elements,High Pressure hydraulic connectors/ fittings-(m.s./ s.s.), Hydraulic pumps – upto 700 kg/cm2, various applications ( calibration, Emergency operation of Hydraulic valves, water tight doors etc.)

24. Intrinsically safe Torches.

25. Intrinsic Safety Barriers.

26. Lamps – miniature – for Indication panels ,

27. Level Sensors with controls for vac. Strip systems (Indigenous)

28. Magnetic level switches.

29. Magnetic couplings for valve position indicators.

30. Oil Seals , O Rings etc., for various applications , no restriction on size / shape / material.

31. Overload Relays.

32. Optic Fibre Cables (APS) for ODMCS systems, PCB’s – As Per Sample.

33. Process control items, Proximity Switches (also water proof types) , Pressure gauges,(High Accuracy ), Pressure switches , Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Calibration kits.

34. Rotating Diodes, Span gases for Calibration , ( With Traceable Certificates.)

35. Selenium recti$er stacks, Solenoid Valves and coils (as per samples), Springs for Industrial use , various applications.

36. Tachometers (portable - digital).

37. Temperature sensors - Thermocouples / PT100s /Pyrometers /Thermistors etc.

38. Thermal relays , Thermostats , Transmitters.

39. Timer Relays, etc.

40. Temperature Calibrators ( With Traceable Certi$cates.)

41. Westad valve seals, Walkie Talkies Batteries.